andy (kurtmulgrew) wrote,

nowhere to go

Currently waiting in between classes... I'm so damn sleepy.  I slept 5 hours Mon. 3 hours on Tues. and one hour today, so far.
The utter pointlessness of existence amuses me; as does everything.
My gf was scared by a whippoorwill a couple nights ago then I started reading "The Red Tree" and guess what? Whippoorwill attack!  But really, this seems to happen way too much. There are too many weird coincidences from her stories bleeding over into my life or, if possible, vice versa. Guess it's just someone with a lot of similar variables in their life. Whatever.
I cut the hell out of my nose while shaving, the next day I feel off of a bucket and scraped my leg against a tree so hard... then a wire from a braided cable poked through my thumb. So I'm bloody from head to toe. funny..
Oh well... just typing cause I'm bored to tears...  nothin' really to say.

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