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[Sat Jun 09 2012|3:39pm]
Time always passes too quickly and I can't seem to find the ambition to do much but lay around watching shows or movies or to play video games…
I suppose I should really do something before it's too late. Already a decade wasted with not much to show.
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[Wed Dec 07 2011|4:41pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Yesterday my car battery died. I'm about to go to my dad's to see if he has gotten a new one installed in there yet.
I might get some pizza later and a movie perhaps. I finally get a day off after working six in a row. Or rather I should say nights instead of days.
My girlfriend is downstairs practing one song on the guitar over and over again for at least the past 30 minutes. It's so fucking annoying even with the door shut.

That's enough for now.

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[Mon Aug 15 2011|4:00pm]
I am so sleepy right now. I want to go home and sleep!
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this life will be the death of me [Mon Jul 11 2011|12:56pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

I have been lazy and have gotten behind on so many things. Some say its only been a few years. It feels as if it were someone else's life I'm looking back at.
There's some things I have to stop doing to my body or I probably won't be here much longer. I've stopped doing worse things. It's just too hard sometimes and life is too stressful.

I can feel it inside... The pressure building. There are things you see or hear that you ignore and never speak of. Pretend it didn't happen. You're not one of those crazy people.
No, I can't go on like this.

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[Wed Mar 30 2011|6:26pm]

M<hi rend="underlined superscript">c</hi>Anulty
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Writer's Block: What's under Snape's cape? [Thu Nov 18 2010|11:30am]
If you could cast one type of magic spell, which would you choose, and why?

*wink wink*
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Writer's Block: Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known [Tue Nov 09 2010|4:23pm]
Who would you appoint as Earth's ambassador to alien races, and why?

Lady Gaga, for obvious reasons.
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Writer's Block: Can you handle the truth? [Wed Sep 29 2010|1:45pm]
What's the one question you would like to ask if the answer were guaranteed to be correct?

how could It be possible to acheive cold fusion?
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[Mon Sep 27 2010|11:39am]
Dear noone,

     All of these things that are all falling around us as we spin hopelessly down into the ever growing and burning abyss of hell that is all made by our own drastic and horribly stupid decisions that are half based on lies and fantasies. Only to explode in our faces like some perfectly timed improvised explosive device found upon the desolate road of nothingness that we so desperately wonder in search of something we know that we will never be able to find no matter how long we drag ourselves on in this dreary existence that we like to call life. If only there was some way to end this forever traveling circus of torn and filthy tapestries that tie us all down together to a rock sinking downward through the stagnant waters until we reach the sludgy sediment filled with the rotting corpses of all the yesterdays pilled miles high and forgotten under the impenetrable darkness of this waste of time that is humanity.

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[Wed Sep 08 2010|2:07pm]
About to go to class...... bored and sleepy.
Guess I'll be working in a lab soon. but all these classes suck.
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nowhere to go [Wed Sep 01 2010|1:26pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Currently waiting in between classes... I'm so damn sleepy.  I slept 5 hours Mon. 3 hours on Tues. and one hour today, so far.
The utter pointlessness of existence amuses me; as does everything.
My gf was scared by a whippoorwill a couple nights ago then I started reading "The Red Tree" and guess what? Whippoorwill attack!  But really, this seems to happen way too much. There are too many weird coincidences from her stories bleeding over into my life or, if possible, vice versa. Guess it's just someone with a lot of similar variables in their life. Whatever.
I cut the hell out of my nose while shaving, the next day I feel off of a bucket and scraped my leg against a tree so hard... then a wire from a braided cable poked through my thumb. So I'm bloody from head to toe. funny..
Oh well... just typing cause I'm bored to tears...  nothin' really to say.

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runnin' round the rosy [Mon Aug 02 2010|6:07pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I'm in Ohio. My girlfriend is visiting her family and also getting some dental work done because it is somehow less espensive here than where we live in South Carolina.
very boring.

what else... keep having weird ass dreams that I wish I could remember for longer than 10 seconds after I wake up.

So far, I have read 3 books by Caitlin R Kiernan (hope I spelled that right.) I read Threshold, Murder of Angels, and Daughter of Hounds.  They are some of the best stories I have ever read. Although I'm only 26 I've still read a bunch of stuff. I just started reading SILK. I guess I should have started with that first.

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nothin' but shadows and dust [Mon Jul 12 2010|2:40pm]
[ mood | weird ]

I counted my collection of National Geographics and I have about 550 issues, some dating to 1950. I was looking for this fossil of a fern that I found while in PA about 11 years ago; wish I would of looked for more now that I look back. Anyway it's lost in my room somewhere I guess... couldn't find it. Found some thing I wrote like 6 or 7 years ago, forgot about it. I should finish it I think.

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long time comin [Thu Jul 08 2010|7:39pm]
well... it surely has been a very long time since I have updated this stupid thing.
life has changed greatly since then.

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last time updated: march 6, 2005 [Mon Aug 14 2006|10:37am]
[ mood | worried ]

my dissillusioned enjoyment has turned distastefully to sorrow over the latest news of my era.
my so called faith in someone, which is apperantly missplaced, has so utterly devestated my understanding of what it is to have someone to believe. wether my "fiance's jounal entries, imaginary friend kas, and her phone girlfriend jenn" are all a cry for attention/affection, i will never know; since she goes to such extreme measures to produce and conceal such outlandish stories to everyone else(aka: her journal readers, friends, coworkers, her parents, my family....). whos to say she doesn't do the same to me? only she can. but the question is, whether or not she is willing to. if there is anything to hide at all.
the highest probablity is that im just overly paranoid as usual. hopefully she can clear this up in 5 hours when she gets home from work.

i really can't escape this hell

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